Dizzel Shopping

Hello, We are Dizzel Shopping Established 2018 - Formaly Known as DM-Tech(Trading since 2016)

Dizzel Shopping is a small team Dedicated to give you the smoothest and easiest online shopping experience available. We bring the products to you, which are normally not available locally in South Africa. Also supporting the local community in bringing new locally produced product to the market. Enabling the world to view and purchase our local products as well. We market locally and internationally to increase suppliers chances to make it big. We sell on most major platforms including but not limited to Ebay, Amazon, Bidorbuy and much more.

Formally Known as DMTech we went under major surgery and reconstruction within the company itself to increase revenue as well as customer experience. We opened a new brand doing graphic and web design and we are proud to present Wild West Designs. The Management Team works hard daily to continue growing Dizzel Shopping and create the best Shopping experience possible, bringing all the products you would need under one roof at the comfort of your own couch

Strategy & Marketing

We strive to provide you with the most affordable prices on the market that would suit your pocket and budget, All Marketing is done online as we cater for the world online all the time.

Wild West Designs

Our Partner in Crime, Wild west designs handels all artwork, images, websites as well as all the social media systems.

We work 24/7

That is right we work around the clock to keep our system safe and up and running all day every day, we are always available for any client related queries or orders that needs to be handled daily.